Audiomica KAMMER GOLD - Kable głośnikowe

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1 260,00 zł

1 260,00 zł za parę

KAMMER GOLD 2,5 m Gold Banana/spade 1260 zł
KAMMER GOLD 3 m Gold Banana/spade 1386 zł
KAMMER GOLD +0,5 m Gold Banana/spade 126 zł


New version is equipped with the so called compensation conductor, which ensure protection by potential equalisation. It is connected to an indirect earth, for example GND socket or hi-fi casing. Kammer Gold offer great efficiency, amazing bass and musicality in a reasonable price. At the same time, the unconventional solutions make that the cable is a versatile counterpart of many audio systems. The cable consists of six 99,99999% Oxygen-Free Copper conductors and one compensation conductor. Furthermore, the exceptional weave of the multiconductor cable eliminates interference by neutralizing the mutual electric current induction through the magnetic field generated by neighbouring wires. A PFSS filter enables more efficient interference reduction. Read more about audio signal filtration in the section FILTERS.
The cable is hand-terminated with gold-plated spades. The original cable is packed in a signed wooden box. The box includes the certificate of authenticity, a brochure with the description of the series, a product code and a personal quality assurance.
Kammer Clear is a versatile cable for hi-fi and home theatre systems.


Conductors: Six 99,99999% OFC conductors
The outer diameter: 6x16 AWG
Cable diameter: 10 AWG
Microconductors: 192
Plugs: Spades or bananas
Filter: PFSS
Single-wire: Yes
Bi-wire: No
Bi-amp: No
Color: Black
Series: Black Series

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