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Transparent Super Phono Interconnect

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Transparent Super Phono Interconnect - Kabel gramofonowy

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Super Phono Interconnect shares the high quality raw materials and superb hand-crafted quality of Super RCA, in a version dedicated to phono sources. 

Transparent offers Super phono interconnects to suit each specific system set up with RCA, DIN or XLR connections. Cables fitted with the custom Transparent DIN connector have a contoured coupler to create a smooth transition between cable and termination. Transparent DIN couplers are offered with two methods of strain relief to keep the weight of the cable from affecting the performance of your turntable and tonearm system. 

Transparent also offers a stand-alone DIN > RCA adaptor which can be custom fabricated to precise tonearm, turntable suspension, and phono preamp requirements. 

Super Phono Interconnects are upgradeable to Ultra level phono interconnects and above.

  • Standard termination: RCA > RCA
  • Optional terminations: RCA > XLR , DIN > RCA, DIN > XLR
  • Adaptors: XLR > RCA, Custom DIN Tonearm Adaptor

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