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Audiomica Laboratory CALLISTO  ULTRA REFERENCE - Kabel zasilający

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0,5 m RHODE IEC/AC - 5460 zł

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Callisto is made of the purest OCC copper. The cable is screened in Double Screening System along with a multi-wire braid (100% coverage), which protect the cable from the magnetic field. The new generation of the power cord from Ultra Reference series is equipped with new plugs AML-AC10-Rh. The conducting material of the plugs is pure copper plated with a non-magnetic layer of rhodium. A high quality housing has an anti-resonance system and provides excellent protection against external electromagnetic interference. The design of the housing made of non-magnetic elements (multilayer nonmagnetic stainless steel and carbon fiber shell) ensure clear and stable signal. Moreover, the conductive braid was redesigned and now contains five wires of 6mm2. The cable is extraordinarily flexible despite its large diameter Moreover, Callisto received the antistatic coupler made of POM-C AP50TM from Acoustic Points, which protects the surface of the cable from micro electrostatic charges. The coupler is mounted with a non-magnetic screw. The changes have initiated a significant redesign of the look and Callisto Ultra Reference M2 gained a new face and unique colour.


Conductors:  Five OCC conductors

Screen 1:  Insulation shield

Screen 2: 100% cover dense copper braid

The outer diameter: 5x10 AWG

Cable diameter: 8 AWG

Antistatic couplers: Yes (

Filter (conditioner): TFCT DOUBLE (option)

Plugs: Rhodium plated AC and IEC plugs

Color: Red/White

Series: Ultra Reference

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